Wild Animals Wildtones App Reviews

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Too little for too much!

I agree with Boring's review. Too little for too much. It's not worth $1.99 for what you really get. I'd like my money back.


Very little info and very few animals! Was hoping for sound.

Missing sounds - don't buy this

The web site showed this would have a lot more sounds than what was delivered. The specific sound I was trying to get can't be found. This is a ripoff - save your money and get something else.

wild animal are great

Looks like wildtones has put together another fun and educational app. The images and sounds are of the highest quality and the information is easy to read, informative and very educational. Adults and children would get many hours of fun from this app.


This app much like baby animals and farm animals is so much fun and I love it and so does everyone else I know! Great app!

Wild Animals Wildtones

I first bought "Baby Animals Wildtones" and loved it so I went and got this as well. What can one say other than these are just great apps that are worth every penny! Totally fun, very informative and just the thing when one needs to keep a kid amused.

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